Arguably the largest Soccer Club in the Southern Hemisphere… Over 450 players in 42 teams!

Presentation Night 2013 Photo Gallery

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Over 35 Soccer Calendar

The Gold Coast Over 35 Soccer Association has released its own calendar, with all proceeds to go toward the Cancer Council Queensland. Find out more & visit our calendar website at

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Players Forum

Find a team, find a player, post a question, start a debate. The forum is the place for connection and discussion.

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Recent Updates


The draw will take place in the Club House after the last game on Thursday 17th April 950ish pm.   Times and days to follow  

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Dear Members, The Offside law causes many debates so today you can test your own knowledge from examples from A-League games. Take a look and see how many decisions you get right! CLICK HERE: Pete Nicholson President Gold Coast Over 35s Soccer

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FA Cup & Club Championship – Round 1 Summary

Please find below a summary of our FA Cup & Club Championship / Round 1 Summary. For the next round: - FA Cup is drawn in age divisions as per normal for winning teams. - Club Championship matches are determined very easily for Round 2 – simply go down the page from “OUT” (e.g. Old Barbs

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