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We play all year around and have a preseason comp running for 6 weeks from the 7th Jan at Nerang Soccer Club and will start our Summer Comp in mid Feb at our normal home of Keith Hunt Park, Musgrave. We then have our Winter Comp which runs from July to November

  • Where '''''''''' '''''''''' Keith Hunt Park, Musgrave
  • When '''''''''''''''''''''' Each team plays 1 night a week which could be a Monday, Wed or Thursday depending on which team you play for. There are 3 matches a night (30 minutes each way) and they kick off at 6.30pm, 7.35pm and 8.40pm
  • Rules'?'''''''''''' '''''''''' It is 11 a side and we play normal rules apart from no sliding tackles, no tackles from behind and unlimited interchange
  • Cost and Seasons '''''''? We play a preseason and two 14 week comps plus an FA cup. The fees for 1 comp (14 weeks) are currently $125 plus $10 annual membership charge
  • Standard'?'''''''''''''''''' There are 3 over 35 divisions and 3 over 45 divisions and the Over 35 division 1 is very strong and the over 45 division 3 isn't :) but they still enjoy it!

We have over 500 members playing and enjoying a beer afterwards and we look forward to you joining us.

New players are always welcome and we’re keen to see you down here with us. Come down and try out for a few games and see how you like it. You don’t have to sign up straight away.

First two games free for any new players

  • new players can play the first two games free
  • sign up after you’ve played two games
  • don’t have a team, don’t worry, we’ll find you one

Friendly and sociable

  • have a beer after the game
  • no slide tackles, we’re here to make sure we enjoy a game and can work the next day

Multiple Age Groups

  • Over 35
  • Over 45
  • Over 45′s can play in both

New Players

Sign up now.

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